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Coke Production and Trading


GRG Huscoke (Shan Xi) Ltd, a subsidiary of the company, is involved in the trading and production of coke, tar, crude benzene and sulfur.


Huscoke Holdings has cooperated with Shanxi Jinyan Energy Technology Company Limited on the development of 5 million tons per annum coke production project which includes the tamping coke furnace and top-loading coke furnace.




Coke Oven Gas Based Chemical

Shanxi Golden Rock Rich Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company, engages in the clean energy development and utilization of coke oven gas business.


  • 250,000 tons of liquefied natural gas per annum (The LNG Project)
  • 800,000 tons of synthesis ammonia per annum (The Synthesis Ammonia Project)
  • 1,400,000 tons of urea per annum (The Urea Project)



Operation Flow